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    Phil Francis

    Heads up African Naturescape Gardens, the company that specialises in Landscaping and Water Features in Gauteng, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Sandton

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About African Naturescape Gardens and Water Features

African Naturescape Gardens, Landscapers & Water Features know that landscaping and water features hold interest in today’s high-pressure world. As a professional landscaping company headed by me, Phil Francis. I am involved every step of the way from inception to completion. We at Naturescape Gardens & Water Features ask you about your interests, lifestyle and more including how much work you wish to do in order to maintain your new garden and water feature.

We are able to plan from a modest budget upwards knowing how to give pleasure within your specific parameters. An eye for detail means that Naturescape Gardens & Water Features are able to design a garden and water feature of your dreams. Team collaboration ensures that the whole job comes together in a unique fashion.

Naturescape Gardens will deliver a once off landscape or water feature created to fit in with your ideas and desires:

  • Indigenous Landscape
  • Balinese Landscape
  • Modern Garden
  • English Country and Formal Gardens
  • Tropical Gardens
  • Tuscan and French Gardens
  • Japanese Gardens

Let us transform nature around you.

Phil Francis
African Naturescape Gardens and Water Features